Huge Welcome for UTSM Visitors

You may be able to see the welcome banner covering the rear wall of the stage ... this was what we saw as we entered the middle school building, but what really got our attention was the applause from the whole school assembled in the yard! As guests of honor we walked down the aisle of ninos with their teachers and took our seats up front. After welcoming words from a new school administrator (one of "Julio's Angels") and a new English-speaking teacher (!) - who is also the sponsor liaison - we were entertained in dance and song. Then Julio told the whole school what UTSM meant to them, and Michael responded. And finally we lined up in front of the stage for more applause and gifts of art with messages for us all. Not a dry eye in the house. Of course we posed on the balcony behind the banner for a glamour shot for the website before visiting the MS facility. 

As an aside, Julio had taken us to visit the trade school building, now almost ready for use, while the students were spirited from the main building to the MS.  So we would be suitably surprised. Boy was he right!

And the visit continues ... 

Buenos tardes, Martin