Julio Garcia, in front of school mural

Julio Garcia, in front of school mural

Bendición de Dios is a secular, pre-primary through grade six school founded by Julio Garcia in 2002, on a shoestring budget. In the beginning, there were no books, tables, chairs, nor educational materials. Students sat on the bare ground, writing on wooden boards, resting them on whatever large stone they could find. 

Outside funding started in June 2003, when the Dutch foundation, Los Niños, began providing economic support for the school. A modern school building was constructed in 2009.

Now officially recognized by the Guatemalan government, the nonprofit organization has no political or religious aim and has become a central driving force and resource for the health, education and welfare of the whole village.

Los Niños continues to be a major financial backer of the school; however, its contributions continue now on a 10% decrease each year. Under the Same Moon has become the school's second largest supporter, contributing 30% of the school's annual budget. Over the past 10  years, Asociación Bendición de Dios has been able to expand its mission and has become an educational, social, and economic resource for children and the whole village of San Juan Alotenango.




With your help this progress can continue.